About the foundation of ACS:

ACS was established on May 21, 1967. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and develop the educational, cultural and social movement. Its main objectives are to create a school that develops a generation with positive societal values and attitudes. A generation who belongs to the country with Arab identity who has a modern vision to the age requirements its challenges with flexibility, intellectual creativity and methodical logic.

In 1968, ACS opened its largest project, Al-Raed Al Arabi School, which grew by the support of its students year after year. Now, it includes kindergarten, primary and secondary stages. The school adopts the National Program and the Foreign Program (GCE) and seeks the accreditation of the Council of International Schools (CIS). 

ACS Founding Members:

  • Intisar Jardana
  • Dumia al-Sokhon
  • Suad Ala’ AlDin
  • Taroub Malhas
  • Kalthoum Nabulsi
  • Najat Anabtawi
  • Hala Khurshid
  • Yousry Aweida

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