Why to join our team?

Why to join our team?

We, at Al-Ra’ed Al-Arabi School, endeavor to employ the best caliber who are qualified and experienced in their field and are able to produce pioneers who are capable to join the best of the universities and who are able to venture into their career paths with confidence.

Training and developing our staff is one of our core approaches, as we are at Al-Ra’ed Al-Arabi School are keen to deliver the professional development of our faculty and administrative bodies through continuous training sessions during the school year or deploy them to attend intensive courses both inside and outside the Kingdom.

Benefits we offer at RAS

Free Medical Insurance

Includes hospital treatments, clinic treatments, labs and x-rays according to the specific regulations that govern the system

 - Social Security

All employees are registered in the Social Security insurance.

Annual Salary Increases

Employees receive annual increases according to their annual performance evaluation results and higher qualification certificates  obtained during working at RAS.

University Qualifications

To promote the academic goals and professional level of its employees, RAS covers a percentage of the total cost of joining any related university programs .

Family members exemptions

Full-time employees are eligible for fee discounts for their children attending RAS; starting with a  30%  discount ( increase by 5% annually ) until a maximum discount of 75%is applied.

To be eligible to the exemption, the employeeschildren must have and maintain an academic average of  70% or above in both the National and International programs.

Cancer Care Program

CCP, is a nonprofit coverage program , that provides cancer care coverage and guaranteed treatment at the King Hussein Cancer Centeragainst a minimal annual subscription 24 JDs paid by the  employees to receive a coverage of 10,000 JDs.


Female employees are offered to enroll their kids (up to 4 years old) at a nursery selected by RAS 

  • If you have the following qualifications and would you like to join our extraordinary work environment:
  • A minimum of a university degree  in the field of specialization.
  • Experience in the field of teaching.
  • Proficiency in English and Arabic.
  • Proficiency in computer skills.
  • Team worker.
  • Classroom management.
  • The desire and passion for the profession.

 Kindly submit your application on line.

 All applications are dealt with in complete secrecy and confidentiality.

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